Yüz Mezoterapisi

Facial Mesotherapy

The simplest answer to the question of what mesotherapy is can be called skin regeneration. Face mesotherapy is a very useful treatment method that destroys skin wrinkles and regenerates the skin. Facial mesotherapy is also known as mesolift. It is applied by mixing small amounts of drugs and injecting them under the skin. The procedure is carried out with small needles and the use of many useful substances provides balancing at the rate of moisturization of the skin. At the same time, mesotherapy regenerates the skin. Mesotherapy is the ideal method for facial rejuvenation. Also, mesotherapy is very useful for facial spots.

  • Before mesotherapy is applied to the face, the skin is cleaned beautifully and thoroughly disinfected. It is more useful to apply the process to clean skin.
  • Then therapy drugs are administered. Mesotherapy drugs made to the face contain all the vitamins that the skin needs. Vitamin injections are given to the person with drugs. The procedure is called face mesotherapy, mesolift, or vitamin injection.
  • In a short period after this application is performed, noticeable differences occur.
  • Since the way application is done by directly intervening in the problem area, it is a method that has an immediate effect. It allows damaged cells to regenerate themselves.
  • Facial mesotherapy can be applied to all areas of the face. It is even a procedure that can be applied from the neck to the cleavage part.
  • The face mesotherapy method can be applied at the same time as other skin applications. It even has the effect of increasing the degree of effectiveness of other methods. It has been observed that more effective results are obtained with the methods applied together.
  • Face mesotherapy does not apply to breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and allergic people. At the same time, it is not right to apply it to very deformed skin types. Apart from this, it can be applied to all persons, regardless of whether it is male or female. Mesotherapy is also the most effective method of removing skin blemishes.

No serious pain or pain is felt in the mesotherapy procedure. However, a short-term burning sensation may occur due to drugs injected under the skin. It is recommended to apply anesthetic cream 20 minutes or half an hour before the procedure to avoid such feelings. However, during the application, the skin must be cleaned from the cream. There is no certain age of facial mesotherapy. It can also be done as a precautionary measure before age progresses. In this way, the skin is prevented from being deformed in later years.

Why Is Mesotherapy Procedure Applied?

Facial mesotherapy, which is one of the methods applied to revitalize the skin, is a know-how method that can be applied for many reasons. The benefits of facial mesotherapy are also quite high. Mesotherapy is a very frequently preferred method in recent times because it is a solution to many problems with skin blemishes. However, it is very important to do it in reliable and hygienic environments. At the same time, the devices used must be produced with high quality and state-of-the-art methods. It is possible to list the reasons why facial mesotherapy is applied to humans as follows:

  • Mesotherapy can be applied to increase the effectiveness of other skin applications applied at the same time.
  • It is made as a precautionary measure for seasonal changes. It is a very effective method especially during the transition period from winter to summer.
  • Mesotherapy is applied to remove skin blemishes, to give youth, to prevent matte skin and sagging appearance.
  • It is also preferred by those who want to take precautions against skin defects that may occur especially in people who smoke heavily.
  • It is also very effective to save the skin from the tired and exhausted appearance it has by delaying its aging in a short time.

How are the Sessions of Facial Mesotherapy?

Face mesotherapy is not a process that tires or strains the skin. Although it usually varies according to skin type, it is applied with an average of four or six sessions. However, after six months, the treatment may need to be reapplied. Sessions are usually performed at one or four-week intervals depending on the skin type of the person.

Side Effects of Mesotherapy

Since mesotherapy is not a difficult procedure, it does not have very serious side effects. There may be slight bruising or redness on the skin the day after the procedure. But it will pass in a short time. Although rare, some people may also have allergic reactions. The way they are treated is also quite easy. Apart from these effects, facial mesotherapy application has no side effects. Mesotherapy can be easily done by those who want to have facials.