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Migraine Botox

Migraine is one of the diseases that reduce the quality of life and restricts daily life activities. Pain is one of the most common symptoms of this common disease. This pain, which starts around the neck, temple, or eye, can worsen as it moves and can be watched with throbbing character. Nausea, vomiting, discomfort with light and sound may occur that accompanies this pain.

This is defined as “chronic migraine” if the headache that follows in the form of attacks in migraines is more frequent than fifteen days a month within three months, each pain lasts at least 4 hours and migraine type pain occurs at least 8 days a month.

In the treatment of migraines, treatment is planned depending on the frequency, severity, and other accompanying medical condition of the person’s headaches.

Medications used to treat migraines help to eliminate pain during headache attacks or to stop symptoms such as accompanying nausea and vomiting, or to control the frequency of frequent headache attacks.

Botox in The Treatment of Chronic Migraines

Patients can be diagnosed with chronic migraines by specialist doctors if they have headaches of at least 15 days or more per month during the last three months if the pain lasts at least 4 hours during the day and these pains persist at least eight days a month.

Chronic migraine is a serious health problem that occurs in 2-3-4% of society, leading to limitations in daily life activities, affecting a person’s performance at work and family life.

Chronic migraine patients are often patients who have tried almost every drug recommended in migraine treatment guidelines, who use continuous and excessive amounts of painkillers or give up on medications because the treatments do not provide sufficient results. These people are people who have to deal with the negative psychological condition caused by living with severe pain and therefore their mental health is also at risk of deterioration.

How Botox Treats Pain in Chronic Migraines

Botox blocks chemical transmitters that initiate pain by releasing them from the sensory nerve endings in people with chronic migraines. As a result of the prevention of the release of these chemical transmitters, the pain pathways that reach the central nervous system from the nerve endings under the skin cannot be activated and the pain is controlled before it reaches the brain.

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