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Moisture Vaccine

Moisture vaccine is an application for skin that is worn by age and environmental factors, has lost its elasticity and has started to sag, and aims to give these skin a firm skin appearance. Hyaluronic acid is used in the moisture vaccine, which makes the skin look young, shiny, healthy, and firm. Hyaluronic acid is a protein found naturally in skin tissue. However, with the advancing age, the skin stops producing this structure or cannot produce it sufficiently. For this reason, the skin begins to sag, take on an old appearance, and wrinkle. Thanks to hyaluronic acid injected with the moisture vaccine, the skin begins to repair itself by taking the nutrients it needs.

What is Moisture Vaccine?

The moisture vaccine is, in its simplest definition, an injection of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is most commonly found in the skin of babies. This is why the baby’s skin is smooth, soft, and self-repairing. The production of hyaluronic acid decreases gradually as we get older. In particular, smoking, alcohol, stress, and environmental pollution accelerate this situation even more. Thanks to the injected moisture vaccine, the skin begins to repair, heal and be beautiful itself by taking the hyaluronic acid it needs.

How Does The Moisture Vaccine Work?

The moisture vaccine is injected into the skin with fine needles. The moisture vaccine acts as follows:

Skin cells begin to work so that the skin reaches a young, fresh, and firm appearance. It fills the gaps between collagen and elastin fibers in the skin tissue, reducing wrinkle appearance and preventing new wrinkles from forming.

This process prevents the skin from holding water, allowing it to gain the moisture it needs.

Moisture vaccine is one of the most natural methods for repairing skin defects due to aging.

This treatment can be applied to anyone from the age of 20. The early application of the treatment is an advantage that prevents the formation of wrinkles and delays aging. Vaccine can be applied regularly thanks to the fact that it is not challenging in terms of the price of moisture vaccine.

Does Moisture Vaccine Rejuvenate Skin?

With the moisture vaccine, the rate of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases. In this way, the skin takes the energy it needs from the outside and begins a repair process from the inside. Gaining moisture and elasticity, the skin begins to look young and naturally tighten. After the moisture vaccine, the skin acquires a natural vitality, the skin structure is repaired from the inside and the moisture balance is maintained. In this way, the effect of free radicals on the skin is reduced. Especially regular application of moisture vaccine will delay the aging of the skin in the long term. The moisture vaccine, which rejuvenates and beautifies the skin, draws its strength from hyaluronic acid.

Changes in Skin After Moisture Vaccine

  • The moisture vaccine begins to heal visibly immediately after a 15-minute application.
  • After the application of the moisture vaccine, the moisture balance of the skin is ensured and a noticeable increase in skin quality occurs.
  • Superficial wrinkles begin to open and the formation of new wrinkles is prevented from the inside.
  • The moisture vaccine, which provides a reduction in skin blemishes, is especially effective for the repair of sunspots.
  • The regular administration of the moisture vaccine by competent people provides a great increase in skin quality.
  • Moisture vaccine sessions, which are especially applied before deep wrinkles occur, are a major obstacle to the formation of deep wrinkles in the future.

Moisture Vaccine Price

The price of the moisture vaccine may vary according to the rate of moisture vaccine and hyaluronic acid that should be applied. The regions where the moisture vaccine will be applied are one of the most important factors determining prices. Another factor that is decisive for the price at this point is the structure of hyaluronic acid used. Hyaluronic acids of animal origin should not be preferred. Hyaluronic acid should be injected with its pure and natural structure. These elements, which are decisive for the price of the moisture vaccine, are important for achieving a qualified and successful effect.