Somon Dna Aşısı

Salmon DNA

Although the skin is properly cared for with a balanced diet, sun protection, moisturization, and adequate sleep, it loses collagen with age. Over the years, with the effect of environmental factors, some deformations inevitably occur on the skin surface. Also, spots caused by sun and acne can cause the skin to lose its vitality and smoothness. Therefore, applications may be needed that give the skin a vibrant, smooth, and youthful appearance. Recent developments in intradermal injection applications help to achieve excellent results on the skin. Salmon DNA, which is among these applications, is among the most widely used anti-aging applications in skincare in recent years. Thanks to the salmon DNA application performed with the latest technology methods applied by specialist doctors, you can also get young and radiant skin.

What is Salmon DNA?

Also known as the salmon DNA vaccine, this application is an injection method that makes pale-looking skin smoother and more vibrant. Proteins are known as the main building blocks of cells. Therefore, the contribution of protein in the formation of new cells is quite large. Salmon DNA injection can be supplemented to the skin, which has struggled in protein production over the years. Research has determined that salmon’s DNA is one of the most important sources of declining proteins in the skin. Besides, the DNA of salmon was found to be quite similar to human DNA. Accordingly, the use of salmon in skin regeneration and anti-aging applications has become quite common. Salmon DNA facial rejuvenation is carried out by injecting DNA molecules derived from hyaluronic acid and salmon sperm into the face. This method, also called salmon DNA mesotherapy, creates a rapid regeneration and rejuvenation effect on the skin surface.

Benefits of Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA treatment gives very successful results, especially on the face, chest, and neck regions. In addition to rejuvenation thanks to salmon DNA serum, results such as stain treatment, eliminating acne scars, pore reduction, eliminating color inequalities, and achieving brighter skin can also be obtained. Rejuvenating the face with the salmon DNA vaccine is among the most popular applications in recent times in terms of being an alternative to Botox. Salmon DNA stain treatment has effective healing properties that allow skin cells to regenerate deeply. Salmon DNA therapy increases cell regeneration and healing when sent to the second layer of the skin, called dermis level. Thus, this treatment improves the physiological condition of the aging skin and helps to eliminate damage. With salmon DNA, you can get shiny skin and go back to your youth. Salmon DNA facial polishing applications can be applied to anyone who has no chronic conditions, is not pregnant, and is not at risk of allergic reactions from the age of 18. A 3D subcutaneous analysis carried out by specialist doctors with advanced techniques tests whether you are suitable for salmon DNA injection.

Salmon DNA Application

Local anesthesia in form of cream is applied to skin 15-20 minutes before the procedure. After this procedure, the salmon DNA vaccine is injected into the skin without pain with needles that are almost too light to feel. Salmon DNA treatment time may vary depending on skin needs. However, the procedure is generally completed in 4 sessions performed at intervals of 15 days. For the treatment to be more permanent, it should be repeated at intervals of 3-6 months. After these applications, the patient is brought under control for 1-2 years. After application, mild redness and irritations may occur on the skin. However, these problems will be fixed in a few days. Results of salmon DNA application occur on average between 4-6 weeks. If the physicians deem it necessary, repetition of the treatment can be carried out. The treatment process and intensity may vary completely according to the patient’s needs. For information on salmon DNA prices and application details, you can get support from the expert staff of AKM Polyclinic.

Research has proven that the salmon DNA vaccine stimulates cell growth for younger, fuller skin.

Salmon DNA application helps remove stains caused by harmful rays of the sun.

The application ensures that the skin that loses its moisture shines with health.

The effect of face rejuvenation applications with salmon DNA lasts about two years.

After salmon DNA application, patients should protect their skin from harmful rays of the sun with products containing at least SPF 30.